Updates and Big Changes Coming 🎉

Updates and Big Changes Coming 🎉

As you may or may not know, I have spent the last ten years self-employed as a wedding photographer. With the arrival of COVID-19, the wedding industry was shutdown along with the rest of the world. While many businesses have reopened with changes and new rules, weddings for the most part remained on pause for much of 2020.
When I suddenly found myself with a lot of extra time on my hands, I threw on my entrepreneurial hat and went to work dreaming, plotting, researching and creating! And, Marmalade was born. I
feel so thankful that you have been apart of this journey with me. Thank you for your support and for loving my products.
I have learned a lot over the past many months about running a product based business, and thought a lot about how I want to operate Marmalade. And how I can run Marmalade successfully when weddings can resume again.
I am working hard behind the scenes to build a strong foundation for Marmalade - to create structures that will allow me to balance my energy and time between Marmalade and Shannon-May Photography and to keep creating lovely, top quality lifestyle accessories that add colour, flare and fun to your everyday.
With all this in mind I have a few updates and changes to share with you.

Temporary Shop Closure

I will be closing the shop for a short time while I concentrate my time on creating a new production collection. I expect to reopen the shop in April with a new product collection and designs for existing products. I have some incredible stuff coming and I am so excited for our spring relaunch. When the shop reopens, there will not only be new products but a whole new way to shop! I’m not sharing those details just yet though. 😜

Last Chance for These Products

When the shop reopens you’ll notice that most of the current products will be gone. And they won’t be coming back. Products being discontinued (permanently) are the notebooks, headbands and tote bags.
Also discontinued will be the majority of the current carry-all and make-up bags. But the bags will be back in new colours and with new patterns!
So, if there is anything in the shop right now that you love, this weekend is your last chance. The shop will close on Monday, February 22nd at 11:59pm (AST).


Thanks, again for being here!

Thank you again, SO MUCH for your support and for being here with me.
March is “Meet the Maker” month - a social media campaign that encourages creator and makers to share their stories, behind the scenes of running a business and whole list of themes. I hope to participate as much as possible - there is so much about Marmalade that I want to share!
I will likely be doing this mostly on Marmalade’s Instagram account so if you aren’t yet following me, I’d love to connect with you over there. You can also follow my photography here.
Love & Sunshine,