Marmalade is a boutique jewelry studio based in St. Andrews, New Brunswick. Our earrings are handmade using a combination of polymer clay and resin, which ensures that each piece is durable and long-lasting.

What makes Marmalade earrings truly special is the addition of a sprinkle of red sand in each pair of earrings. This sand is sourced from the local area, meaning that when you wear our earrings, you are carrying a piece of St. Andrews with you wherever you go.

The attention to detail and care that goes into every pair of Marmalade earrings means that they are not only beautiful but also truly special and meaningful.

Where to buy

At this time, our earrings are available for purchase exclusively at My Space Gift Shop in S.t Andrews, New Brunswick.

Pop-up shops and market booths are in the works.

The online boutique will reopen in Fall 2023.

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Wearable art /

Slow made

We take great pride in making beautiful pieces of wearable art to complement your life and personal style.

Whether you like to keep it simple and neutral or like to express yourself with colour and large pieces, you will find something to treasure, made by Marmalade.

All our pieces are slowly made with care and attention.

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